I'm announcing my campaign launch to be re-elected as Governor of Alabama. Alabama is working again and the best is yet to come!

As a former teacher, I know how vital education is to Alabama's success. That's why I've focused on preparing students today for the jobs of tomorrow!

With the highest job growth, wages, and tax cuts in a decade, Alabama is working again! I want to continue bringing progress and prosperity back to our state.

I’m a tough-as-nails straight shooter who is cutting through political correctness and corruption. There’s nothing “DC” about me.

I'm pro-life because God teaches us to love life, and he created us and wants us to love one another. I believe every life is precious, starting at conception, and I will always advocate for those who are unable to advocate for themselves.

Alabama is working again, thanks to our pro-job initiatives that led to the creation of more than 13,000 jobs, including 4,000 from Toyota-Mazda. That’s no bull!

We can’t change or erase our history - and we shouldn't tear it down either. That's why I signed a law to protect our historical monuments. I believe Alabamians agree with my decision, and support protecting our historical monuments.

When I became Governor last year, I vowed to clean up Montgomery & protect our conservative values. And we have!

I’ve led a conservative fight to clean up Montgomery, and I’ve banned lobbyists from appointments by the Executive Branch.

I wasted no time cleaning up Montgomery. We’ve overcome the dark cloud that hung over Montgomery and our state on the right track - Alabama is working again!